3. PEACE
Guiding Principles

The four principles of Dharma are the foundation to all successful and long-lasting
relationships, organizations, and societies. 

  1. Faced with the challenges of the coming decades we will require more self-discipline, mastery, and empowerment than was ever required of us both as individuals and as a nation. We will need uncommon courage, perseverance, self-discipline and awareness to face and overcome the uncommon challenges ahead.
  2. Clean air, pristine waters, vibrant forests, thriving wildlife, and properly managed and replenished natural resources are our responsibility to ourselves, future generations, and the very planet itself. A society that places a premium on purity in all things is a society that will thrive.
  3. Self-mastery gives us the strength and courage to choose compassion. This compassion enables us to build a society where health care is a right, poverty is eliminated, our women have equality, our children are cherished and not trafficked, our elderly are fulfilled and secure in all their needs, education is affordable to all, violence is an aberration, and unity, pluralism, and justice are the norm.
  4. Knowledge, wisdom, and an honest appraisal of who we are as individuals and a society are essential to developing a clear understanding of the challenges we face and how we will overcome them. An honest assessment of our current reality, along with acceptance of our responsibility in creating this reality, will enable us to make the hard, courageous, and transformational choices necessary to create a society and nation that will endure and thrive into and beyond the 21st Century.